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Thermocautery devices for dentistry

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Application of the thermocautery

  • stopping the bleeding of the soft tissues of the oral cavity
  • removal of hyperplastic changes on the gingiva
  • removal of polypous formations in the tooth cavity
  • removal of enlarged lacrimal mucosa in partially erupted teeth
  • leveling of the gingiva in the region of teeth and roots for prosthetic purposes
  • removal of smaller tumor growths on the mobile mucous membrane of the mouth


All these devices are designed for intermittent operation and no cycle (for switching on to switching off) must last longer than 2 minutes. The device must not be left switched on after use.

We offer two types of thermocautery

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Product name
Thermocautery A1, version A
  • It is installed in the dental unit
  • It is connected to a voltage of 24 V AC
  • The device is activated by pushing the button on the handle of the instrument forward
Thermocautery A1, version C
  • Mobile device with ist own transformer
  • It is connected to a voltage of 230 V AC
  • It is switched on the instrument box with a switch, and the very top of the handle is activited by pushing the button on the handle forward
  • Regulation of the intensity of thr peak brightness is done with the potentiometer button, which is located on the device box
Thermocautery tips (square & pointed)
  • They are screwed on the threaded part of the top of the thermocautery shaft


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