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Albatros products

Dental medical instrument hoses

The most attractive part of our production are the hoses for handpieces in dentistry. We have hoses for turbines and air motors, motor hoses and syringe hoses. The production process is executed according to the recommended EU standards, which is covered by the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certificates.

Albatros products

Cabinets for dentists

When it comes to office furniture, we make cabinets and mobile stands, which have also found their application in the dental office. We have mowable rack with trays and mobile rack with one drawer.

Albatros products

Dental thermocautery

Thermocautery devices for dentistry are our oldest products. We have been manufacturing them since 2003. They are very safe and reliable in their application. We offer two types of thermocautery.

Albatros products

Spare parts for dental appliances

Spare parts are mainly designed for dental appliances of the Jugodent type, but with their universal connections they can also be used for other types of dental appliances.


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